Entry Level Production & Logistics (SECOND CHANCE JOBS MAP)
Manufacturing Apprenticeship Program Certification Training

Introduction To Manufacturing

Manufacturing Processes & Production:

· Learn the names and uses of Manufacturing Processes

· Learn the materials and equipment used in Continuous Flow, Custom Manufacturing, Fixed Production and Production Line Manufacturing

· Read Entry Level CAD Designs

· Demonstrate production line operations

· Demonstrate Work Flow Planning and Control

· Demonstrate ability to read and work with work orders and documentations

· Use CAD Drawings in the production line

· Follow Work Orders

· Demonstrate proper handling of machinery

· Develop efficiency in production tasks

· Perform Quality Checks on Products and Parts.

Manufacturing Roles and Responsibilities

· Explain the Production Line Roles of Assembly, Maintenance, Logistics, Supervisors

· Explain the Logistics of Product from Production to Shipping

· Demonstrate Proper Work Procedures in Production and Logistics

· Self Monitor Production and Efficiency

· Document Product Production Properly

· Understand and Follow Company’s Policy

· Be Able to Explain Company Vision and Mission

Manufacturing Tools and Materials

Common Tools, Usage and Safety:

· Proper Use of Gauges

· Ability to Read and Interpret Gauges

· Proper Usage of Measurement Tools: Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing, Caliper

· Understanding American and Metric Measurements

· Demonstrate Basic Tool Knowledge and Proper Usage: Tape Measure, Basic Wrenches, Pliers, Gauges

Proper Handling of Products

· Demonstrate OSHA Safety Compliance with Chemicals, Hazardous Materials

· Properly Store, Use and Apply Hazardous Materials

· Wear Proper PPE When Handling Hazardous Materials

· Ability to Read Labels and Explain Them on Hazardous, Flammable or Explosive Materials

Mathematical Concepts in Manufacturing

· Demonstrate Knowledge of Order of Operations

· Demonstrate Problem Solving Capabilities

· Explain How Fractions Apply in Production and Machinery Operation

· Read and Interpret Symbols in Relation to CAD, Blue Prints, Engineering Drawings

Current Manufacturing Systems

Lean Manufacturing:

5S Concepts: Sort, Simplify, Sweep, Standardize, Self-Discipline, Benefits of 5S

Just in Time Concepts:

Sales, Design, Procurement, Nesting, Production, Shipping

Six Sigma:

DMAIC, Project Definition, Process Mapping, Concepts of Waste, Value Addition, Data Collection, Kaizen, Process Control

Team Work in Manufacturing:

Commitment, Process, Evaluation

    Safety and Maintenance Measures:

    · Demonstrate OSHA Safety compliance

    · Wear proper PPE

    · Identify Safe and Unsafe Conditions

    · Demonstrate Knowledge on Safe Storage of Hazardous Materials

    · Explain Fire and Electrical Safety as it applies to production and logistics

    · Demonstrate Forklift Safety Measures in Operation and in Working Around Forklifts

    · Read and Understand Chemical Hazard Labels

    · Report Safety Concerns for Machinery, Production and Logistics

    · Demonstrate Safety Measures with Proper Housekeeping, Waste Reduction and Communication

    · Practice Safe Machinery and Tool Usage

    Quality Standards

    Quality Standards and Measurements

    · Understand Quality Control and Audits

    · Importance of Machinery Inspections, Calibrations and Data Collection

    · Inspect Materials, Products and Process

    · Understand Company’s Procedures and Demonstrate This at Work

    · Understand the Production Process and How Each Area is Inter -related

    · Proper Use of Inspection Tools

    · Blueprint Reading

    · Basic Measurements

    Green Manufacturing Concepts & Applications

    · Participate in Workforce Training

    · Implement Green / Environmental Policies

    · Maintain a Clean, Clutter Free Work Place

    · Reduce Waste

    · Demonstrate Energy Efficient Production in Terms of Time and Material

    · Be Conscientious of Personal Waste / Trash

      Logistics of Manufacturing

      · Perform Quality Checks on Products and Parts

      · Package Finished Products and Prepare for Shipment

      · Understand Proper Labeling Procedures for Shipping

      · Review Work Orders and Blue Prints to Ensure Work is Performed According to Specifications

      · Maintain Inventory of Shipping Needs, Materials, Inventory for Production

      · Understand Proper Ordering of Materials Needed and Projected Materials for Upcoming Orders

      · Operate Forklifts and Shipping Machinery

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